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When a young black man, Brian, dies in police custody, it sends shock waves across the community. Reeling from his death Brian’s family struggle to make sense of their loss whilst pursuing a lengthy court battle to find justice.

Custody is a contemporary fictional narrative about the moment another young black man's life is taken from him whilst in custody.  The play follows Brian’s bereaved family's struggle for justice and resolution and asks: who will protect us from the protectors of society?

Directed by Gbemisola Ikumelo, Custody tackles a vital subject in a vivid, timely and authentic way. Black deaths in police custody are often assumed to be an American issue. Custody reminds us that they are not.

created: Urbain Hayo (The Art Machine)
written: Tom Wainwright (Banksy: the Room in the Elephant)


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Meet the cast

Ewa Dina

as Sister

Muna Otaru as Mother

Urbain Hayo as Brother

Rochelle James as Lover

contacT US: (producer)